BREEZEIV: Breeze IV: Multi-Sensor Acoustic Guitar Preamp System

Features: Volume, 3-Band EQ, Mid-Frequency Control (mid-shift), Allows for adjusting the midrange frequency (250Hz - 4.5KHz), Piezo Under-Saddle Pickup, Digital Tuner, Blend: This feature is only in use when and additional pickup or mic is installed, and serves to adjust the level of the primary under-saddle pickup and the installed Aux-In component. The Barcus Berry BBGM Condenser Mid or the BBPCP Piezo Contact Pickup are both nice compliments to the Breeze IV system. Phantom Power: An LED illuminates in green when Phantom Power is provided to the preamp. Breeze IV preamps can be powered by your amp or a power mixer's Phantom Power source. This is a helpful feature for making your batteries last and last. Dual Output Jack: This provides optional balanced XLR out or 1/4 out capabilities which allow you to adapt easily to any playing situation.

Preamp Assembly
Length = 78.8 mm / 3.10
Width = 55 mm / 2.16

Output Jack Assembly (Breeze IV only)
Length = 52 mm / 2.04
Width= 34 mm / 1.33

To download the installation guide, click here

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