1455-3: "Insider" Piezo Transducer w/ Fas-Jac"

Product Description:
The ideal pickup choice whenever accurate reproduction of the true, natural sound is required for either reinforcement or direct-feed recording application. Easily mounted to the inside of any acoustic instrument. Fully shielded against hum and retains the natural sound of the instrument free of color or added tone. Furnished with Fas-Jac™ 1/4" strap button mono jack.

Features & Benefits:
• Provides a high-level output signal with sufficient amplitude for direct connection to virtually any musical instrument, amplifier or portable sound reinforcement system.
• Offers broad-spectrum frequency coverage, superb dynamic range, & excellent transient response and feedback rejection.
• Easily mounts to the inside of any acoustic guitar.

Quality Materials & Components Included:
• Pickup/Transducer: Piezo transducer for internal mount with adhesive mounting strip attached
• Output Jack: Fas-Jac™ 1/4" strap button mono jack
• Installation Instructions
• Preamp: Not included; Not required

Ideal for:
Acoustic Guitar & Classical Guitar

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