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1460 and 1460-N12: Acoustic Thinline Piezo Transducer

Product Description:
1460 - Specific for 6-stringed guitars
1460-N12 - Specific for 12-stringed guitars

Installed beneath the bridge saddle, this pickup is perfect for all acoustic guitars. This design features anti-feedback construction and is machined to provide an even tonal response.

Features & Benefits:
• Designed to install beneath the bridge saddle, providing exclusive Anti-feedback sound support.
• Engineered to form a perfect contact between the saddle and the pickup to provide an even tonal response.
• The large volume of crystal makes the 1460 an effective transducer when used with or without a preamp.

Quality Materials & Components Included:
• 6 individual Piezo crystals seated in a uniquely machined brass rail
• Fas-JacTM strap button 1/4" output jack

Optional Add-Ons:
• 3000A – Piezo Buffer Preamp with EQ

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