Feel the Pulse with the New Barcus-Berry "Pulse"Metro Tuner

Charleston, SC, November 19 - Barcus-Berry, a manufacturer of transducer/preamp systems and acoustic-electric violins, is proud to announce the newest addition to the line, the Pulse Metro Tuner. The Pulse is a four-in-one digital metronome, chromatic tuner, guitar tuner and pitch generator with wide backlit LCD screen. Slim and compact in design, the Pulse is the most intelligent digital metronome and dual tuner.

The Pulse Metro Tuner works with any instrument including voice, making it a fitting addition to the Barcus-Berry product line and a commodity for any musician. The Pulse digital quartz metronome produces synthesized digital sound for a loud and clear tone that is adjustable with a choice of strong chime beats or weak drum beats. The wide LCD meter simulates a pendulum motion, while the two-color screen displays a strong or weak beat by using a red or green color. Five different rhythms are possible with tempo ranges that are easily adjustable from 40 to 216 times a minute.

The Pulse dual tuner has 12-note full range capacity and can easily transpose into all keys with an easy-to-read, illuminated, wide LCD screen that acts like a tuning meter. A 1/4"line-in jack for electric guitar and a built-in mic for acoustic guitar are included. The Pulse contains quadra flat tuning, so there is no need to remove a capo to tune a guitar. Pitch shifts can be made easily up or down within a 40-note range. An intelligent re-calibration button makes it easy to switch from A=430Hz to 449Hz in 1Hz steps or for alternate scales. The Pulse clearly shows if you are sharp or flat in cents with a tolerance level that is extremely low at +/-0.5 cents by means of quartz crystal, allowing for more accurate tuning. It automatically powers off after three minutes of no signal for optimum battery life. This compact metronome and dual tuner weights only 1/4 lb and only takes two AAA batteries. With a retail price of $39.00, this tuner is easy to use and comes with an instruction sheet explaining every feature.

Barcus-Berry is manufactured and exclusively distributed by Musicorp and offers pickups and preamps for pianos, band instruments, orchestral instruments and guitars in addition to tuners and its Chromatic-AE™ and Vibrato-AE™ Series Acoustic-Electric Violins.

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