Chas Waltz of the Young Dubliners Endorses Barcus-Berry!

Charleston, SC, May 17, 2011 - Barcus-Berry, a manufacturer of transducer/preamp systems and acoustic-electric violins, is happy to announce violinist Chas Waltz of the Celtic Rock band Young Dubliners as the newest endorser of the Barcus-Berry Vibrato-AE" Violin in Piano Black. After proudly declaring support and sponsorship of Barcus-Berry, Chas Waltz remarked, "My Barcus-Berry violin plays like a dream and a killer pickup system makes it sound so natural plugged in!"

Waltz, born into a musical family in Kansas City, MO, said singing and playing came naturally to him at a very young age. A move to Philadelphia when he was twelve opened up his eyes to the thrill of live music and rock and roll, and Waltz notes that the "rock and roll bug bit me early and hard." Waltz began playing his fiddle in rock and roll bands, and after deciding to make music a career, Waltz eventually moved to Los Angeles, and began playing with popular Irish Rock band Flogging Molly. At the time, Flogging Molly was playing gigs with the Young Dubliners every Saturday night in Santa Monica, and Waltz would fill in for the Young Dubliners when they needed a fiddle player. Waltz subsequently ended up recording with the Young Dubliners for a few years, taking a couple years off from the band, and officially rejoining them four years ago.

Although the Young Dubliners are comprised of American and Irish natives, the sound is best described as Celtic Rock, the result of blending the American rock influences and the Irish rock and traditional influences of each band member. The result: a refreshingly new and uplifting musical sound. After eight albums, thousands of national and international gigs (including opening slots with Jethro Tull, Collective Soul, Flaming Lips, Johnny Lang and many more), and two appearances as the musical guests on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the Young Dubliners continue to make new music and bring their sound to the world's clubs and festivals. Their latest offering is Saints and Sinners, available on 429 records.

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