New Barcus-Berry Sync Clip-On Tuner for Guitars, Violins and Ukuleles!

Barcus-Berry, manufacturer of transducer/preamp systems and acoustic-electric violins, is thrilled to announce the new Sync Clip-On Tuner! With illuminated LCD display, the Sync Clip-On Tuner is easy-to-use and offers new, convenient features including two tuning modes, mic and clip-on. In mic mode the tuner hears the note acoustically, and in clip-on mode, the tuner senses the note through instrument vibration.

The Sync Clip-On Tuner (SYNC) is a mini-sized chromatic tuner with LCD display, wide tuning range of A0 (27.5Hz) to A6 (1760Hz), and 360 rotating axis mobility. It has fully adjustable clip-on mounting with silica gel clip pads to protect the instrument. The Sync Clip-On Tuner features five tuning selections including chromatic, guitar, bass, violin and ukulele. Comes in full color packaging!

Simply clip the tuner onto the instrument and adjust the tuner for best viewing angle. When a note is played, the tuner displays the note name. The tuner indicates if a note is flat or sharp with a red backlight and indicator pointer. When the backlight turns green, and indicator points straight up, then the note is in tune. The Sync Tuner comes complete with manual and battery.

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